Xin chào, choum reap sor, ជំរាបសួរ, mingalabar, မင်ဂလာပါ, sawadee kha, สวัสดี, selamat datang, sabaidee, vaṇakkam, வணக்கம், ayubōvan, ආයුබෝවන්, and welcome!

We hope you enjoy this website about our family’s experiences traveling and home schooling in Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka for the 2015-16 school year. The travel writing, book reviews, drawings, music, videos, and comics in these pages were done by Mirabai (14) and Kabir (12) as part of their home school lessons. The website was designed and is maintained by Uma, their mom and teacher, whose photos appear in many of the articles.

The posts describe some of the most interesting things we have seen and done on our travels this year. These include volunteering at an elephant sanctuary in Cambodia, learning how to weave in Laos, bicycling around the ruins of the ancient capital in Thailand, receiving New Year’s blessings at Hindu temples in Sri Lanka, taking art classes in Vietnam, and studying meditation at a Buddhist monastery in Myanmar. We also hope our website teaches you some new and interesting things about the art, religion, history, culture, and environment of the many places we have visited—and maybe inspires you to travel there as well! ॐ